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Don’t Come into the Office Today

August 2020
American Assets Capital Advisers

Significant Headwinds for the Office Sector

Technological advancements have given us the ability to work remotely, but it wasn’t until COVID-19 that society gained a general acceptance of this. We at AACA believe this (and a handful of other structural shifts) may create significant headwinds for office landlords for decades to come. While there may be relative winners and losers in this scenario, we hold that office valuations do not reflect the new reality for the sector – particularly in dense gateway markets like New York City.


Optimize Luck

Feb 2020

Use of AI Techniques in Investing
Optimize Luck originated in a group discussion I facilitated for the Investment Institute, a membership organization for institutional investors based in the Southeast, at their May 2019 meeting. During the session, we asked chief investment officers from top foundations, endowments, family offices, and asset managers to brainstorm and share ideas for improving the endowment model of investing.


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