About Membership

The Investment Institute was founded in 2008 and has been committed to providing senior investment professionals the highest caliber educational programming. After speaking with many of our southeast participating organizations and supporters we have decided to expand our network to include more participation in the United States for other institutions and managers to join us in the coming years under a new membership platform. Joining The Investment Institute membership platform will give your organization access to both of our educational programs in the Spring and Fall of each year. A membership subscription is required in order to gain access to The Investment Institute Forums.

The editorial content for both programs is designed by The Investment Institute together with an executive CIO Editorial Committee. The committee gives guidance on program themes, discussion topics and recruitment of keynote speakers and panelists. Please note that membership does not include a speaking slot at a forum. As a member of the Institute you will have the opportunity to submit a speaker/panelist proposal to be reviewed by the committee for involvement in one of our future programs. Please submit all speaker topic proposals along with bios on potential speakers to andrea.szigethy@theinvestmentinstitute.org.

Both investor and manager members will receive passes to both our Spring and Fall Investment Forums. Each program will have a very limited number of sponsorships. Depending on the level of the sponsoring organization, each firm will receive additional passes to the forum.

For more information, please contact Andrea Szigethy, the Founder of The Investment Institute, at andrea.szigethy@theinvestmentinstitute.org.

Membership Cycles & Cancellation Policy:

Annual membership dues are non-refundable. There will only be two times per year to become a member of The Investment Institute. Membership cycles for the coming year will either begin in Spring 2019 and include Fall 2019 or begin in Fall 2019 and include Spring 2020, depending on when an organization joins The Institute. Membership will include access to two Forums (Spring & Fall) and your organization will be contacted prior to each program to ask you to register the names of the individuals attending. You will also be contacted each year to renew your membership if you choose to do so.

In the event that you cannot use your passes throughout your membership cycle, there will be no refunds for cancellations or no-shows to our forums. You may however substitute a participant from your own or a similar organization. Please email the name of the substituting attendee to admin@theinvestmentinstitute.org at least three business days prior to the conference.