“I want to commend you for such a wonderful conference. You have created a great organization complete with regional decision makers of high notability, yet organized in an intimate setting. I truly loved the event and can’t wait for the next one.”
Andrew Aguilera, Chief Investment Officer, Atlas Principals

“Andrea Szigethy is the master of putting on stimulating and thoughtful investment forums. I always learn something new at one of her events.”
Larry Kochard, Chief Executive Officer, University of Virginia Investment Management Co. (UVIMCO)

“Despite the weather, the event was anything but chilling. Robust roundtables, articulate presentations, and the occasional debate made for a thoughtful dialogue throughout the day.”
Mark Anson, Chief Investment Officer, Acadia Investment Management (Bass Family Office)

“Your meetings are replete with knowledgeable investors, challenging, invigorating and a not to be missed event!”
Lew Gasorek, President, Listowel Inc.

“For the last several years I have attended these events and have consistently found that their speakers were top rated, informative and thought provoking. Always well attended with peers to network and exchange ideas on both a domestic and global scale. I would be hard pressed to miss this event as there is always something new to learn and consider in our ever changing investment climate.”
Steve Gross, Senior Director, Endowment Management, The Jewish Federations of North America